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Michael Palma

Michael Palma photo About Me

Hello, my name is Michael Palma and I currently live in Brooklyn, NY. I am a senior student majoring in CIS at Baruch College. I have taken other programming languages such as C++, Python and Java. I have done HTML during high school but I plan on learning more by improving my skills.

During my free time I enjoy playing soccer and my favorite subject is math. I also enjoy traveling and plan to visit more countries after I graduate from Baruch. I would describe myself as being ambitious and diligent. I enjoy working hard and getting things done and right. I would also call myself a team player because I enjoy helping others.

I work as a sales associate at a retail store and also intern for the Department of Education as tech support. The reason I described myself using those two words is because I am constantly helping my co-workers at both jobs and everyday I learn something new from them.